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Taking a Stand with Roy Rodriguez

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Roy Rodriguez is no stranger to music industry antics.

Drowning in astonishing accolades, the veteran NYC producer is ready to take a stand.

What does your background consist of?

"I'm a young producer from NYC. I got into music because I saw my dad doing it as well as my friends too. I soon realized that it was something I wanted to do."

Besides ambition, Roy does not lack at all in relevancy as of 2023.

Who are some prominent figures within the music industry that you have worked with so far?

Some notable music industry professionals I have worked with are Stunna Gambino, Kai Ca$h CYN, Kiko El Krazy, Justin Rarri, Cashmoneyap, Young Devyn, Jstar Balla and Lil Tjay.

Besides receiving a plaque for his song with Stunna Gambino and Alpha, "Ain't Shit is only the beginning to Roy's success.

"We just recently got our first sponsorship with D'USSÉ."

Wow! What is there that Roy can't do?

Instagram: @roytheproducer

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