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Starting New Trends with eqobKING

Written by Alexandria Anglade

We welcome back the Miami artist eqobKING, who is here today to discuss his latest feats!

What inspired your clothing line?

"I always wanted to create a brand with an impact like Bape, but when I started seeing a lot of people wear the same thing I decided to put my touch to fashion."

How has the world affected your mindset as an artist?

"I see a lot of duplication in so many industries so it was always easy to stand out by bringing different to the table. With that mindset I just created my own world."

In actually, after Rihanna decided to launch Fenty, she took the fashion world by storm and motivated a whole generation of artists to pursue their true calling.

At what age would you like to retire from music?

"I would stop doing rap when I feel I matured my stage name, doesn’t matter the age. It would just be a feeling. However I’d really spend more time practicing instruments like violin, fluted the accordion."

If you'd like to keep up with eqobKING, make sure to follow him on Instagram @eqobkingg.

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