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Starting a New Clothing Line with Otto Haze

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Starting any business has its difficulties.

But, there are many benefits to having your own company as well...

What inspired your clothing line?

Jean Michel Basquiat inspired my logo..but fashion is something that I’ve always had a love for I’ve been designing my own clothes since I was in middle school (Dvonn Ariel Clothing coming soon) .

Where are you from?

"A little complicated lol I’ve lived in Orange, NJ but I was raised in Boonton, NJ due to family owned business family originally from Hampton, VA."

What are your goals for this year?

"More music, more visuals for my audience & finally launch my own clothing line."

Sometimes it can take four years for doors to be flooded with opportunities.

I want to tell you that it is never to late to chase your dreams!

If you'd like to interact with Otto, check out his content by clicking the link below!

Instagram: @_ottohaze_

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