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Setting the Main Stage with Primo

Written by Dwight Harris Jr

Pump up the volume! We had a chance to interview aspiring producer Primo about his story and future with music. Here’s some insight on what’s concurrent for the DJ in south Florida:

What inspires you to make music?

From growing up around instrumentation to learning how to play his own, Primo was destined to interact with sonics. He states:“My dad taught me how to play guitar when I was younger and I have been teaching myself how to play piano. I see music as a way to explain your thoughts and feelings when you don’t have the words for them.”

Then, when you factor in how he attained his stage name; it all makes sense.

Primo says it’s a “…musical term which means the principle part of a piece of music.”

Production…DJ’ing…that’s about as primary as it gets.

In fact, we asked about his time as a disk jockey.

How did you become a DJ?

“I was always the one on aux at parties/get-togethers and I am also able to easily read the vibes of a room which is an essential skill as a DJ. Honestly DJing picked up pretty fast as my name got out quickly because another artist Kid Trunks came to one of the first house parties I DJed which got people talking and within a year I was able to land multiple gigs for colleges and various clubs in the [south Florida] area.”

It can’t all be a breeze though. It’s a given in any profession to have tribulations and this route for Primo is no different.

What are your dislikes as a talent-act?

“One thing I disliked when I was DJing was people who were supposed to be my friends would only hit me up whenever I was DJing an event to try to get in for free. Otherwise I would never here from those people. You don’t really see stuff like that as a producer as it’s more behind the scenes work which I almost prefer but I still DJ from time to time but I want to make my main thing producing.”

Everyone…pay the price of admission please.

Still, Primo is dedicated to the betterment of his career. Which in the long term will be a benefit.

What is something that you strive for everyday?

“I strive everyday to learn from other people and take criticisms to improve my craft to reach my full potential as a producer and make the sounds I’m meant to create.”

Here’s to a successful journey for you, Primo.

Instagram: @ayeprimo

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