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Sammy Prez: Spreading Positivity and Authenticity Through Music

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Sammy Prez, a passionate artist with a natural flair for music, is making a name for himself in the industry. With his catchy hooks and relatable verses, he has the power to uplift and brighten someone's day through his music. In this exclusive interview, Sammy Prez shares insights into his passion for music, his creative process, and some of the most memorable moments in his musical journey.

From an early age, Sammy Prez felt a deep connection to music. It was the positive impact that music had on people that inspired him to pursue a career in the industry. The ability to bring joy and happiness to others through his catchy hooks and relatable verses is what fuels his passion. Over time, Sammy Prez's dedication to his craft has evolved, and he finds himself investing more effort into his music than ever before. The excitement of hearing his own voice on records has transformed into a patient and perfectionistic approach to the creative writing and recording process. He strives to create music that is not only exciting but also authentic and resonant.

A significant moment in Sammy Prez's artistic development occurred during a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. Witnessing people from different walks of life vibing to his music was an incredibly satisfying experience. It made him realize the importance of creating music that relates to a broad audience, transcending demographics. This realization motivated him to continue making music that comes from the heart and addresses real-life situations. Sammy Prez believes that authenticity and relatability are key factors in connecting with listeners and earning their appreciation.

When it comes to composing and writing music, Sammy Prez embraces inspiration as his guide. He allows the creative process to unfold naturally, only picking up a pen and paper when he feels genuinely inspired. To get in the zone, he rolls up some loud (marijuana) and immerses himself in the instrumental, playing it on repeat. As he smokes and listens, he freestyles in his head while pacing back and forth, searching for the perfect subject that aligns with the vibe of the instrumental. Any dope lines or bars that come to mind are jotted down in his notepad, forming the foundation for his songs.

For Sammy Prez, the most rewarding aspect of performing live is the genuine love and appreciation he receives from his supporters. The bond formed with people he doesn't know through music is invaluable and cannot be measured in monetary terms. One memorable experience was traveling to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to perform a few years ago. The audience welcomed him with open arms, and their enthusiastic response reflected their enjoyment and connection with his music. It is moments like these that reinforce Sammy Prez's belief in the power of music to unite people and create meaningful connections.

Sammy Prez's journey as a musician is driven by a genuine desire to spread positivity and connect with his audience. His catchy hooks and relatable verses serve as a bridge between his own experiences and the lives of his listeners. With each heartfelt performance and authentic song, Sammy Prez continues to carve his path in the music industry, touching hearts along the way.

Instagram: @sammy.prez

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