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Repping the Caribbean with Melody Gad

Written by Dwight Harris Jr.

Today we’re introducing an international artist on the rise with Melody Gad! He’s continually implementing his Jamaican roots throughout his records with a mix of genres. Here’s what we learned from him:

Describe your favorite and least favorite aspects about being a songwriter?

“My favorite part about being a songwriter is the creative part! How I can come up with new melodies and bars while painting a vivd story.”

Somehow it always goes back to the name. Then we asked:

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

“Sexy, mature, inspiring, and empathic.”

What gives you the motivation to write your songs?

“My motivation stems from what’s happening around me, what my friends are going through…”

What artists would you like to work with, dead or alive?

“Hmmm….There’s quite a few, lol I would have to say definitely Tory Lanez, Wizkid, Lil Wayne, Sean Paul and Beenie Man.”

Not a bad list of names there.

Where do you see your career with making music in five years?

“In five years I see my music being played in the stores, movie soundtracks…you know with good music the sky is the limit.”

With that amount of confidence, there won’t be anything high enough to scale Melody Gad.

Instagram: @_therealmelodygad

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