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Passion and Fire with LuhCamoo Hbk

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What are you passionate about?

"I’m passionate about artistry in all aspects. In middle school I did Theater Arts and I had some experience in band, I played the Tuba for a few months. I would draw cartoons and portraits in my free time until I broke my finger. And I ended up transitioning to doing graphic design my sophomore year of high school.

"That would also be around the time I started to get into poetry. I would watch old Def Jam Poetry Slam videos on Youtube. One of my favorites was “Self Conscious” by Kanye West. It really resonated with me because I could relate to the struggles of wanting finer things in life but not having the resources to obtain them."

We all have that one moment from our childhood, that ignites a spark within our impressionable brains.

It's up to you to decide what you'd like that spark to be!

Who is your biggest inspiration as an artist?

"My biggest inspiration would have to be my deceased friend named Khambrail Winters. We grew up together from the age of 10 all the way up until he went to college. He was a very talented Defensive Back (DB) at the University of Texas State. He was a 4 star Corner on his way to the NFL until the tragic night of November 24th, 2020."

"It was alleged that his girlfriend and a friend of theirs all planned to rob a drug dealer for a pound of weed until things went south and he was ultimately shot in the chest. His girlfriend and the friend left him to die as they ran from the gun fire. Later going back to the site to find him deceased. It was unbelievable because no one that knew Kham had ever known him to even partake in any type of substance abuse since he was about sports his entire life. Let alone would he even thing about robbing someone."

"But this really broke me down inside because I had already lost about 5 relatives that year and I had never really lost a close friend to gun violence before. I cried for about 4 months straight until I couldn’t produce any more tears. So I decided to take that hurt and pain & put to music to express the trauma I had been feeling."

Although grief impacts us in mysterious, we can utilize our trauma for better or worse.

Never let pain define you.

Instagram: @luhcamoomusic

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