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Otto Haze: Pushing Boundaries and Embracing Authenticity

Written by Alexandria Anglade


Otto Haze, an artist known for his unique and refreshing approach to hip hop, has been making waves in the industry. In this article, we dive into what sets Otto apart from other hip hop artists, the essence of his music that resonates with fans, his creative process, notable collaborations, handling criticism, and his goals and aspirations for the future. Join us as we explore the mind of Otto Haze and his exciting musical endeavors.

Setting Himself Apart:

According to Otto Haze, his music stands out in the industry due to its daring and refreshing nature. In a landscape where many hip hop artists sound similar, Otto takes pride in offering a unique experience to his listeners. His music breaks boundaries and captivates audiences with its distinctiveness, creating an atmosphere that sets him apart from the crowd.

What makes his music even more special is its psychedelic quality, which offers an easy and thought-provoking listening experience. Otto's music effortlessly engages the mind, encouraging listeners to delve deeper into his sonic world.

The Creative Process:

When crafting a new song or album, Otto Haze embraces a relaxed and intuitive approach. He begins by setting the mood, often enjoying a smoke and a drink while immersing himself in his own catalog of songs. From there, he taps into the current emotions and feelings, allowing the moment to guide his creative flow. Otto firmly believes in avoiding the pressure of forcing himself to write, as true inspiration flows naturally.

Notable Collaborations and Growth:

Collaboration holds a significant place in hip hop culture, and Otto Haze has recently experienced the transformative power of working with his friend Chad Piff. Their collaboration has been a life-changing experience, leading to the creation of their upcoming album, "Club Zanzibar." This collaboration has allowed Otto to expand his artistic horizons and evolve as an artist. Additionally, he has collaborated with his brother Yesha Moor and friend Tunezzup in the past, further enriching his musical journey.

Handling Criticism and Feedback:

Like any artist, Otto Haze faces criticism and feedback from both fans and critics. Although it can be challenging to be disliked, Otto approaches it with understanding. He recognizes that his music is easy to misunderstand and acknowledges that not everyone will resonate with his style. Handling criticism with grace, Otto focuses on the value of constructive feedback, utilizing advice to improve his craft while remaining true to himself and relatable to a broader audience.

Goals and Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Otto Haze has exciting goals and aspirations for the future. He aims to release more music videos, visually enhancing his captivating soundscapes. In addition, Otto is working on his clothing line, Dvonn Ariel, a project that merges his creative vision with fashion. With his sights set on growth and expansion, Otto is poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

New Projects and Musical Directions:

Otto Haze has some thrilling projects in the pipeline. His forthcoming single, "MY WORLD," is eagerly anticipated, promising a captivating sonic journey for listeners. Furthermore, he is featured on Chad Piff's upcoming album, "Club Zanzibar," which is currently in the final stages of mix and mastering. These ventures signify Otto's commitment to exploring new territories in his music and sharing his artistry with the world.


Otto Haze's journey in hip hop is marked by his commitment to offering a unique and refreshing experience to his listeners. Through his psychedelic and thought-provoking sound, he captivates audiences and creates a musical realm that transcends boundaries. With notable collaborations, a resilient approach to criticism, and exciting projects on the horizon, Otto Haze is poised for continued growth and success in the industry. Keep an eye out for this trailblazing artist as he continues to push the limits of hip hop.

Instagram: @_ottohaze_

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