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On the Big Screen with 8ightvibes

Written by Alexandria Anglade

8ightvibes is an upcoming musician that is here with us today to discuss his latest release.

What inspired your latest release?

"My latest release is part of a mixtape series I’ve been working on called “On My Way at 8ight” which is a sequel to my first album “Truth”. This series is a combination of different vibes for each song. It’s an 8 song mixtape with 8 different vibes on each one.

The most recent one I released titled “New New” is basically a catchy story telling song that brings on the party vibes of the tape. The toxic traits of a young touring artist that you can’t take too seriously."

Despite the challenges that other musicians have faced in the past year from the recession, 8ightvibes is following his dreams entirely.

Where does your motivation come from as a musician?

"My motivation comes from many different things, whether it’s love, heartbreak, or even just having fun with it. If I can inspire you or get you to feel something through my music. That’s motivation to me as well. I like to get better every release. The reaction and energy from the audience motivates me a lot too."

Hopefully, 2023 will allow other musicians to continue to be in a positive-mindset regardless of any outcomes that prevented growth in the past!

Instagram: @8ightvibes

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