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Observing Music with Relus Baum

Written by Alexandria Anglade

How do you define your music?

"Well it’s definitely different from what you hear today. You might hear a slight old school southern vibe from back in the day mixed with something you haven’t really heard before. I like to work with different genres like pop, r&b, and rap music and currently I’ve been working on rap & rock music combined."

"I like to get creative and have different sounds. It’s not your typical and may be outside the norm but it’s definitely GOOD MUSIC."

As AI technology is advancing, it has launched new identities for those that may have been struggling to get their careers in the right push.

How do you inspire others?

I would like to say my creativity inspires others. It even inspires my kids! That’s a win win ! I love that I can step into the studio and a certain sound or a specific instrument can stand out and it goes a different direction than what you would normally take from it. I’m fun to work with in the studio and I love to test the creativity of my producers/ engineers. I always like to vibe out and start from scratch when working with others and once we click it’s up!"

I always like to say that youth are the key to the future. It's important that we teach the next generation fundamental skills.

Especially when learning about extracurricular activities such as music!

If you'd like to tap in with the german-born artist Relus, feel free to click the hyper link below!

Instagram: @relusbaum

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