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Northeastmarco: A Visionary Artist with a Creative Flair

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Northeastmarco, known for his captivating music and unique style, is making waves in the music industry. With a personality as diverse as his artistry, he shares insights into his creative process, influences, and upcoming projects.

Dream Collaboration with XXXTentacion

If Northeastmarco could collaborate with any artist, living or deceased, his choice would be "XXXTentacion." He speaks highly of the late artist's genuine spirit and his ability to convey raw emotion through music. The deep connection he feels with XXXTentacion's work serves as a profound source of inspiration. Additionally, he expresses admiration for "Sahbabii" and envisions the possibility of a collaboration album with the talented artist.

A Creative Journey into the Future

While Northeastmarco's next project is slated for late 2024 to early 2025, fans can anticipate the release of some exciting singles in the coming months. He describes his upcoming project as an exploration of "crazy flows" and "airy instrumentation," with a strong affinity for the plug scene. Expect a creatively curated project that promises to be out of this world, featuring well-thought-out features.

The Ambivert Artist

Northeastmarco's personality is a blend of introversion and extroversion, reflecting his ambivert nature. His mood often dictates whether he leans toward being introverted or extroverted, and this duality significantly influences his art. The emotions he experiences on any given day inevitably find their way into his music, creating a genuine and relatable connection with his audience.

Beyond Music: Hobbies and Inspiration

When he's not crafting music, Northeastmarco has a range of hobbies that inspire his artistry. His interests include gaming on his PS5 and Xbox, indulging in horror movies, focusing on health and nutrition, and avidly watching battle rap. Even his favorite food finds a place in his creative world, with a project titled "Before The Feast" showcasing his love for culinary delights.

The Value of Bonds

Family and friends hold a special place in Northeastmarco's heart, and he treasures the genuine bonds he forges with those he encounters. His girlfriend, in particular, shines brightly in his life. However, he humorously admits that receiving a PS5 is a memorable highlight, albeit for a limited time.

Dislikes and Acceptance

Like anyone else, Northeastmarco has his share of dislikes, including tight spaces, bright lights, excessive noise, contaminated air, and allergies. He approaches these dislikes with a pragmatic perspective, acknowledging that some things in life are beyond one's control. This acceptance allows him to navigate challenges and focus on what truly matters—his artistry and the connections he creates through it.

Northeastmarco's multifaceted personality and broad range of interests infuse his music with authenticity and creativity. As he continues to evolve as an artist, fans can look forward to more thought-provoking and boundary-pushing music that resonates with the human experience.

Instagram: @northeastmarco_

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