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New Release: Point to Prove with Jay Activist

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What inspired your upcoming project?

"I would say the main thing that inspired my upcoming project “Point to Prove” was actually having a point to prove. People in the past have tried to box me in or categorize me so I wanted to make a stamp showing who I am and this is what I can do. I would say this is the new introduction to JayActivist".

As summer is approaching fast, now is the perfect time to release new albums.

If you're an aspiring artist and are attempting to have a productive summer, releasing constant music videos is always a good look!

How have you dealt with trauma as an artist?

"As an artist, I would say I dealt with trauma by facing it instead of running from it. Including habits like journaling, meditating, or expressing myself through my art are all things that have helped pull me out of deep holes."

The opportunity to express yourself in an authentic manner is one prime way of utilizing your trauma for the better.

Describe your experience with SXSW

"My experience with SXSW was an interesting one. I did get to network with a few people and it was a good learning experience. With this also being my second show out of state it was something great to add to my accolades."

If you have yet to check out Jay's music or are wondering where you can stream "Point to Prove" you can by clicking the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @jayactivist

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