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New Release: Low-Amal "AEON00"

Written by Alexandria Anglade

The Rogue Assassin (Amal A. Abouhamda) has recently dropped her latest MV, "Low".

A futuristic indie artist that's inspired by her Egyptian and Nicaraguan Roots, Amal demonstrates immense creativity behind this metaphorical music video.

Dystopian and imaginative, the setting for this thought-provoking masterpiece takes place in a deserted area where items of flora and fauna are being displayed.

Currently at 7.9k views via YouTube, Amal is no stranger to euphoric concepts as an upcoming artist.

Growing up, she heavily listened to a variety of musicians; Bill Withers, The Righteous Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Cher, The BeeGees, Eminem, and many more talented acts.

Dark and halting to many mysteries, "Low "represents a balance of challenging emotions that occur with growing pains.

We definitely can expect more mind-bending content from The Rogue Assassin in the nearby future!

Instagram: @therogueassasin

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