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New Release: Electric Love by Specialist3ffect

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What inspired electric love?

"What inspired my new upcoming EP, "Electric Love", was when me and my engineer, "Roze", were listening to some tracks in the studio and an acoustic track came on. It sounded so refreshing and warming that it made me think about love and how electrifying that feeling is. So I told him to load the track up, and that's when the magic started."

"When we played it back, we knew the assignment and with that being said, "Electric Love" is dropping April 26th. Save the date because it's going to be a classic."

Born in Washington D.C., Specialist3ffect has been located in Philly for quite some time now.

How long have you been making music for?

"I have been making music ever since I was 12 years old. I started off being a producer until my friends suggested that I should rap or sing over my tracks so at age 16, that's when I started doing so."

All-year round, artists spend their time trying to find new sparks that can motivate their fanbase.

If you have yet to find your spark yet, don't worry.

As sometimes just your existence is more than enough to inspire someone else.

As an artist, who motivates you?

"As an artist, what motivates me is simply being able to express my dreams and reality through music and having an amazing fan base/family that can relate and appreciate my sounds and vision . Also being blessed to having an amazing team ( Black Religion ) that believes in me and supporting my vision. Big shout out to my brother Roze."

"Having people tell me that I inspire them is why I keep going and my best piece of advice for anyone who has a dream is anything is possible, it all just starts with you believing in yourself and having a vision."

Be. You.

Instagram: @specialist3ffect

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