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New Release: Dying on Pluto with KID AXE

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Summer is finally here!

KID AXE, is gearing up for the heat by releasing his latest project 'Dying on Pluto'.

How would you describe your most recent album?

"Dying on Pluto is an album I would describe as different from what I’ve been doing in the best because of the many experimental sounds. I wanted to create an album that just took people through my different stages and take them through a sort of rollercoaster of emotions".

"I decided to call the album Dying on Pluto because I wanted the album to be a switch from my old projects and moving forward want to move to a different sound".

Since the Soundcloud Era, experimental music has been in the works for quite some time now.

And that is exactly what KID AXE achieved with 'Dying on Pluto'.

Capturing the essence of a moment, is no easy feat at all.

Why do you feel as if this is one of your best works?

"Personally I think this is one of my best works, it has alot of rock and alternative influences and starts out as mostly a melodic/trap album. Most of the songs have a hard 808 that’s almost kind of distorted and I just matched them with melodic flows and a hard delivery. I’ve worked on it for 6 months and picked the best trackless I possibly could".

As the album goes on I think it just keeps getting better. I feel like this could be a breakthrough sound. I just wanted to express my self more through this and introduce listeners to something new. Mr. Rager and Pluto’s dying are songs that I feel like can’t be made by anyone else".

Who produced the album?

"I hope people can see the work for what it is. All of the songs on the Album were produced by Die Tim a producer from Greece and our style really matches each other. Moving forward I hope to expand on this sound".

If you're dying to listen to KID AXE's latest album, feel free to listen to it by clicking the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @itskidaxe

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