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New Music: "Try Again 2" with CashMob YB

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today, we had the lovely pleasure to have a quick sit-down with veteran artist CashMob YB. Who is here with us to discuss his upcoming project "Try Again 2".

When we asked what inspired his latest project, the following was stated...

"Try Again 2 is based on my life as a kid and what I went through. In addition to it having a crunk vibe. Overall, there will be over ten tracks for my fans to listen to."

CashMob YB is also notoriously known for working with major artists such as Skooly from the Atlanta-based rap group Rich Kidz. Likewise, including Derez De'Shon, Skull-E, ErMonii, Trip Gwaupo, etc.

Correspoindgly, CashMOB Yb wants his fans to know this about him;

"I want my fans to know that if you love something don't ever give up on it. It may take you twenty years to get right but never quit. Dreams do come true and when the right time comes God will make you shine bright and show you the way. Nobody ever made it overnight, so work hard and stay dedicated!"

Instagram: @cashmobyp

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