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Written by Alexandria Anglade

American musician Robb Bank$ has recently dropped a new project titled "FALCON OF THE MILLENNIUM - FALCONIA (DELUXE)" .

Released on June 23, 2022, this highly-anticipated project has major co-signs from the likes of Trippie Redd (Lifted), Lil Uzi Vert ( Shootout), and many more veteran artists.

Consisting of over twenty-seven tracks, the South Florida artist has definitely made this album a true masterpiece in addition to putting his Jamaican heritage on the map.

Quality over quantity, each track signifies a memory that is comparable to many forms of story-telling that most creatives use in regards to metaphors and figurative speech.

For example, via Sex Therapy Robb hints at the possibility of reminiscing about a past lover and how their worlds collided and changed both parties perspectives on intimacy and life as a whole.

In the past couple of years Robb has released FEW PILLZ (2021), Tha Leak 2 ( 2020), Tha Leak, Pt. 1, No Rooftops 2 (2020), Road to Falconia (2019), Cloverfield 3 ( 2018), 100YEARWAR PT1: GOLDEN AGE, and etc.

Based off past releases, it's safe to say that Robb has been pretty consistent and is on the right pathway to a very successful and prominent career within the music industry.

Instagram: @robbanks

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