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New Jersey's Latest Artist, Sinco

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Howdy! Today we have Sinco here with us today to bring some more knowledge as to what his upcoming brand is all about.

Can you tell us where your family is from Sinco?

"Originally my grandmother is from the DR and my grandfather is Puerto Rican, the other side of my family is black, native American, and guyanese."

So Miguel, how long have you been making music for?

"3 1/2 years but I've been writing lyrics and doing poetry since I was 6-7."

As summer quickly approaches, that also means that it's competition time for artists in New Jersey. Many of Sinco's fans agree that his talent and energy alone could make him the next best artist out of the state.

What's your favorite memory as an artist?

"My performance at the Middle East night club in Cambridge. It was a sold out event and the crowd was fueled by my energy and stage presence...even though no one knew who I was."

In addition, can you explain the significance behind your stage name?

"Sinco. I believe I'm born a sinner which is why it's spelled SIN instead of Sin. I'm also the oldest of 5 siblings who I have to guide and care for. Most importantly I'm a balance of the diverse cultures and background I come from. I'm mixed with 5 different ethnicities which are each different in their culture, food, and music."

As an American artist, Sinco represents what many racially ambiguous adolescents go through in this melting pot that we call the land of the free.

Miguel Zahyier Rodriguez



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