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Musical Journey Through the Heart of New Jersey: An Interview with LUI

Written by Alexandria Anglade

New Jersey, often overshadowed by its more prominent neighbors, has been home to a rich tapestry of musical talent and innovation. LUI, a talented musician who hails from the Garden State, shares his experiences of growing up in New Jersey and how it has profoundly influenced his musical journey. He uses he/him pronouns and offers unique insights into the impact of his surroundings on his music.

Destiny and Determination

LUI reflects on how growing up in New Jersey seemed like destiny, igniting a fiery passion within him. He says, "New Jersey goes hard, so I feel like this was just destiny for me as it inspired me and motivated me to go hard with my passions." It's clear that the state's unyielding spirit and energy have played a significant role in shaping his musical tastes and style.

Ohmies in Roselle: A Musical Sanctuary

For LUI, one particular place holds a treasure trove of musical memories: Ohmies in Roselle. This venue has been more than just a spot to perform; it's been a sanctuary for him. "Ohmies in Roselle holds a lot of special memories for me with amazing people, musicians, and creators of all types," he shares. It's places like these that nurture the creativity and camaraderie essential to a musician's journey.

Learning from the Local Music Scene

The local music scene in New Jersey played a pivotal role in LUI's development as a musician. He emphasizes, "Absolutely, I'm a learner of life, and I learned a lot from my surroundings." The diverse and vibrant music culture of New Jersey became his classroom, where every experience, every note, and every person he met contributed to his growth.

Inspirational Mentors

LUI credits his growth as a musician to inspirational figures from the New Jersey music scene. He mentions his brother, La Cara, whom he met at Ohmies, as well as Sierra from JerseyCatCafe. These individuals not only inspired him but also created a supportive community for like-minded artists to thrive.

Embracing Life's Roller Coaster

Life, like music, has its ups and downs, and LUI acknowledges the unique challenges he has faced as a musician. He notes, "I'm not sure how unique this challenge may be, as I see it as a life challenge, but life is a roller coaster." His perspective is a testament to his resilience and determination to enjoy the journey, despite the inevitable challenges that come his way.

A Diverse Palette of Inspiration

Lastly, LUI delves into how the culture and diversity of New Jersey have influenced the themes and stories in his music. "I was Jersey raised, and my music is based on my life, experiences, and feelings," he explains. Living in a diverse state has allowed him to tap into different perspectives of life, enriching his music with a myriad of influences.

In conclusion, LUI's musical journey, deeply rooted in the heart of New Jersey, is a testament to the power of environment and community in shaping an artist's identity. Through his experiences and insights, we gain a deeper appreciation for the profound impact that a place can have on the music we create.

Instagram: @luiwrites

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