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Motivation and Music with Mal Finesse

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What motivates you as an artist?

"Being relatable. Growing up, I realized the artists that I really connected to, in some shape or form, I connected to their story and the message they pushed. Relatability to me is one of the most important assets to have as an artist. That’s how you make timeless music."

"I can listen to music I made 5 years ago and it still be relevant today. Still sound good sonically. Having the listener feel as if they knew me for years or that there’s a jewel one might pick up is what motivates me."

"A listener going back and listening to something I may have recorded when I was at a different stage in my career and seeing how I tell my story. Being able to connect with people."

Whether you have writer's block or are simply burnt out from school, motivation is what keeps you going.

It's important to note that our daily challenges throughout life shape us for either better or worse.

What do you want people to know about who Mal Finesse is?

"What a lot of people actually don’t know about my stage name is that M.A.L. Is actually an acronym. Make A Living, Finesse. It holds a meaning for me because it speaks to my existence. I feel like no matter the situation I was placed in I was able to make a living and accomplish the goals that I set for my self."

"I know that I’m here to speak with a purpose and to motivate people to do better. I’m here to inspire you and speak to your heart, and connect with your mind."

I wish all of you prosperity to whoever is reading this...your blessings will come soon!

Instagram: @malfinesee_

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