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Moneyshotx99: Crafting Musical Identity Through Family and Resilience

Written by Alexandria Anglade


Moneyshotx99, known as "he," is a rising musician whose journey in the world of music has been deeply influenced by his family, diverse musical influences, and a relentless pursuit of his passion. In this article, we explore Moneyshotx99's early experiences with music, his musical influences, challenges he overcame, and the pivotal moments that have shaped his career as an artist.

Family Roots in Music

Moneyshotx99's journey in music began within the walls of his home. His father had a fully equipped studio in their house in Houston, where local artists came to record. Growing up, Moneyshotx99 was surrounded by the artistry of his dad and uncles, who frequently engaged in rap sessions. The creative energy that flowed through his home allowed him to absorb the essence of music from a young age. Although he wasn't initially certain about becoming a musician, the influence of his family and their unique sounds left an indelible mark on his musical identity.

Diverse Influences

Moneyshotx99's early musical tastes and style were shaped by the rich tapestry of influences in his life. His father, uncles, and their associates exposed him to a wealth of music that hadn't yet reached mainstream audiences. As he grew more conscious of music, artists like 2Pac, Jay-Z, DMX, Z-Ro, T.I., and Lil Wayne became significant influences. In high school, newer artists like Kodak Black, NBA YoungBoy, and JayDaYoungan solidified his musical direction.

Silent Mentorship

While Moneyshotx99 acknowledges the influence of his family, he also mentions a retired A&R (Artist and Repertoire) figure who played a vital role in his musical development. In 2021, this mentor helped him elevate his style, leading to the release of the "Product of my Environment" tape. Though the mentor prefers to remain anonymous, his contribution to Moneyshotx99's journey was invaluable.

Discovering His Instrument

Moneyshotx99's journey as a musician initially began with a beat app on his first iPad during 11th grade. As he played around with GarageBand, he noticed the positive reactions from those who heard his creations. Recognizing his innate musical talent, he started applying his written songs to the beats he crafted.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the significant challenges Moneyshotx99 faced early in his music career was negative energy and criticism from others. He encountered hate and demotivation, which threatened to derail his passion. However, in 2019, a viral moment on Snapchat changed the trajectory of his journey. Hate comments were met with the determination to release more music, ultimately leading to widespread support. Through persistence and a deep love for his craft, he overcame negativity and forged ahead with his music.

Embracing the Hate

The viral moment on Snapchat not only boosted Moneyshotx99's confidence but also helped him develop a resilient attitude. He learned to thrive on criticism and used it as fuel to create more music. No amount of hate could deter his passion, and he remained committed to his art, regardless of others' opinions.

Shaping Stage Presence and Confidence

A pivotal moment in Moneyshotx99's career came when he performed with Gutta Nation, a group that supported him when others doubted his potential. They taught him the art of performing and how to build confidence before hitting the stage. These experiences contributed significantly to his stage presence and overall confidence as a performer.

Ever-Evolving Influences

As Moneyshotx99's musical journey continues, his influences have evolved beyond the realm of music. He draws inspiration from personal success stories and everyday life experiences. His ability to find inspiration in non-musical aspects of life allows him to create art that transcends traditional boundaries and expectations.

Advice for Aspiring Musicians

Moneyshotx99's advice to aspiring musicians is to enjoy the journey and focus on the process and growth rather than fixating on the end goal. He emphasizes the importance of embracing both the ups and downs, as they offer valuable lessons and feelings that contribute to an artist's growth. Instead of chasing money, he encourages young musicians to cultivate essential traits and motivations that will sustain them on their path to success.

Defining Moments

In 2021, Moneyshotx99 had a defining moment when he realized that music was his true calling. Observing people passionately discussing his music during his high school years affirmed his place in the music industry. His commanding presence and undeniable skills solidified his belief in himself as an artist. With a bright future ahead, Moneyshotx99 is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of music.


Moneyshotx99's journey in music has been marked by familial influence, diverse inspirations, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. Overcoming challenges and embracing both criticism and praise, he has grown into a resilient and talented artist. As his musical influences continue to evolve and inspire him, Moneyshotx99 is set to make waves in the industry, reminding aspiring musicians to savor the journey, focus on growth, and turn negativity into motivation on the path to success.

Instagram: @xnin9ine

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