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MkSO: Crafting Sonic Landscapes Through Music and Visual Art

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, one artist stands at the crossroads of innovation and creativity, seamlessly blending auditory and visual realms into a symphony of artistic expression. MkSO, a visionary artist driven by a passion for experimentation and boundary-pushing, has carved a unique niche that marries the ethereal world of sound with captivating visual art. As he delves into the depths of his creative process and the synergy between music and visuals, MkSO offers us a glimpse into his captivating world.

MkSO's latest release beckons listeners on a journey of sonic exploration. Rooted in an unwavering desire to venture into uncharted territories, his music is a canvas upon which he paints with eclectic sounds and innovative arrangements. MkSO's creative process takes shape in his studio, a sanctuary where he dives into a world of knobs, settings, and sonic experimentation. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Rival Consoles, Nathan Fake, Max Cooper, and Jon Hopkins, MkSO embraces the challenge of redefining electronic music by crafting compositions that are both breathtakingly beautiful and exhilaratingly dynamic.

MkSO's artistic prowess isn't confined to musical realms alone; he's an ardent enthusiast of visual art. By harmonizing moving visuals with his music, he engenders a visceral experience that resonates deeply with his listeners. This synergy is particularly potent when the music lacks lyrics, as the visual element assumes a pivotal role in conveying emotions and enhancing the audience's engagement. MkSO's journey into visual art was a natural evolution, spurred by a newfound comfort with digital tools and a curiosity to extend his creative boundaries. Using programs like Synesthesia and Resolume Arena, he painstakingly synchronizes his visuals to evoke the same energy and emotions that permeate his musical compositions.

A MkSO live performance is a testament to his dedication to crafting a multidimensional experience. His on-stage presence goes beyond mere musical prowess; it encapsulates a meticulously curated blend of sound and visuals. Central to this experience is his live setup, a dynamic assemblage of hardware that breathes life into his sonic narratives. The Elektron Octatrack serves as the control center, orchestrating sequencing, sample playback, and even mixing. MkSO's performances are a testament to his fascination with electronics, and his inclusion of lighting, lasers, and visual art enriches the tapestry of his shows, capturing the audience's attention in a mesmerizing dance of sight and sound.

As the journey of MkSO continues, new horizons emerge on the horizon. Currently immersed in crafting remixes for friends, he channels his admiration for artists like Minus The Bear and Thom Yorke into his remixing process, aiming to redefine familiar sounds through a fresh lens. As the new year approaches, MkSO envisions the release of an EP, a collection of singles that will continue his sonic exploration. Unorthodox rhythms, textured soundscapes, and innovative sampling techniques are set to be at the forefront of his upcoming works. MkSO is also eager to collaborate with fellow artists, intertwining his creative spirit with theirs to create harmonious masterpieces.

MkSO's integration of visual art into his musical creations isn't about singular moments; rather, it's a tapestry that weaves its magic across his performances. The visual art might not always correspond to individual songs, but its overarching impact enriches the emotional journey of his shows. Whether it's the evocative imagery accompanying his sonic narratives or the captivating shapes and colors that respond to the music's cadence, MkSO's visual art adds depth and dimension to the overall experience, leaving a lasting imprint on the audience's memory.

MkSO's live performances are an intimate sojourn into a world where music and emotions intertwine. While he may not directly engage with the audience, his focus lies in crafting an immersive atmosphere akin to experiencing art within the hallowed halls of a museum. By delicately balancing ambiance, lighting, and visuals, he encourages his listeners to embark on a personal and vulnerable journey through sound. It's a testament to his belief that music is a deeply intimate encounter—one that resonates most profoundly when embraced in its purest form.

The integration of music and visual art is an intricate dance between analog and digital realms for MkSO. His process involves syncing analog instruments with digital software, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. This fusion underscores his commitment to authenticity, as he navigates the challenges of bringing intricate visual elements into the live performance arena. MkSO's ongoing exploration of this crossroads promises to yield captivating results, pushing the boundaries of creative expression in uncharted directions.

As the chapters of MkSO's artistic odyssey unfold, the world can anticipate a symphony of innovation, visual enchantment, and sonic exploration. With a forthcoming EP on the horizon and an unwavering commitment to crafting memorable live experiences, MkSO continues to redefine the boundaries of electronic music. By seamlessly blending the auditory with the visual, MkSO invites his audience to traverse the realms of imagination and emotion—a journey that is as profound as it is unforgettable.

Instagram: @mkso.__

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