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Miss Stacie House Freestyle with Keywane Baltimore

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Indie-American recording artist Keywane Baltimore has dropped a new freestyle titled Miss Stacie House Freestyle.

Hailing from the southern region of New Orleans, Louisiana, Keywane has 11k amazing supporters via Instagram. In addition, he also reached a surprisingly over one million streams overall on SoundCloud.

Demonstrating cool punchlines and innovative story-telling skills, Keywane's Miss Stacie House Freestyle defies the existence of mumble-rappers.

Hints of trap with fast R&B undertones, Keywane is set to surpass his peers in this latest release that's filled with nothing but hard-hitters.

Barely allowing any room for mistakes, Miss Stacie House Freestyle's sets the bar for any upcoming MC's out of New Orleans that need source material.

Instagram: @keywanebaltimore

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