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Memoirs Of a Misfit

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Memoirs Of a Misfit is a body of work by the one and only DanteTheArson. As an artist, Dante takes much pride in his work.

"For me, my craft isn't just a's a form of elevation that I use to motivate my peers and community. In order for change to occur, it has to come from within, truly", states DanteTheArson.

In addition, Memoirs Of a Misfit contains a smooth, energetic vibe that is unlike no other. Some notable tracks from this project are "Complications" and "Bouncin". Most songs on the EP can be described as a feel-good vibe.

While paying homage to the Bronx and its' hip-hop roots, we can definitely expect more exhilarating content from DanteTheArson outside of this 5 tracked EP.

Instagram: dantethearson

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