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Meet South Florida Artist, Foss

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Rising Floridan artist Foss has been gearing up for the season of summer. As more releases from commercial artists are dropping consistent projects this year.

"My experience living in South Florida has been kind of shaky if I'm being honest. There's a lot of good and bad as well. On the other hand there is talent in places you wouldn't expect", says Foss.

As of right now, the sunshine state has a whopping population of over 21.22 million people! Which, if I do say myself is great for networking and creating opportunities with other musicians.

Currently Foss, is preparing to mix up some heat with these next projects that will be dropping shortly.

How do you feel about your image as a musician?

"I don't really listen to the artists with a crazy buzz because I feel like the underground scene deserves more recognition but the main artist I see myself demographic wise doing features with is Yung Bleu, SoFaygo ,Tyla Yaweh , Lil Tjay, Lucki, Lil Yatchy and more."

"In the next year I see a lot of growth and more placements and exposure as well as releasing more mixtapes and albums I'm currently working on a few unreleased singles but I got a whole bunch stashed away in the studio."

Instagram: @foss_da_man

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