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Written by Alexandria Anglade

As this beautiful Friday into the summer continues, we're ecstatic to welcome KB Loe to Emoclique HQ.

So, can you tell us what got you into music?

“ I’ve always been a big music listener, from Pop, R&B, Rap etc. I’ve always been in tune musically. But the passion to pursue a career wasn’t until my first year of college when my close friend showed me his music, and that inspired me, states Kb Loe.

Passionate and consistent, Kb is constantly working on changing the current direction of the industry's climate and pushing a more positive image.

Especially during these troubling times.

“I want to let people know that there’s always someone out there that can relate to what they’ve been through or going through, and that they can succeed no matter the situation", confirms Kb Loe.

Influenced by Drake, Big Sean, and Kanye West; Kb Loe's favorite project so far would definitely have to be Heavy Hearted Vol.2 !

“Heavy Hearted Vol.2 by yours truly Kb Loe. I’m not one to tell my business or discuss any hardships I may be going through, but you can learn a lot about me through my Heavy Hearted Volumes. Honorable mention “Pier Pressure by Arrdee” has been on shuffle.”

Instagram: @kb_loe

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