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Man of the Year ft. Jigga

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Upcoming New York artist Jigga has dropped a new music video titled Man of the Year.

Put together by the likes of juslens and Re-Route entertainment , Man of the Year is a lyrically entertaining hip-hop sensation.

Inspired from the city of Miami and party culture, Jigga is definitely enjoying himself in this latest drop.

Glimpses of artwork from the infamous neighborhood Lynwood, were captured as a cultural standpoint correspondingly.

"The unique sound of the song combines a melodic drill beat which encompasses the upbeat flow of Drill music mixed with the lyrical finesse of R&B and vocals to make for an experienced of mixed emotions suitable for all crowds and ages", states Jigga.

Instagram: @jayboogie5_

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