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LuBenassi: A Musical Odyssey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the world of music, the journey of an artist is often marked by twists, turns, and moments of self-discovery. For LuBenassi, a rising star in the music industry, his path to success has been a dynamic and transformative one. With a charismatic stage presence and a unique blend of musical styles, LuBenassi has captured the hearts of his fans and solidified his position in the industry. Here's a glimpse into his remarkable journey:

The Spark That Ignited the Fire

LuBenassi's musical journey began with a serendipitous encounter with his childhood friend Noah Rice Kerr, now the CEO of Omni Sound. In 2019, Noah introduced LuBenassi to a group of friends, and they decided to book studio time for a creative experiment. It was during this session that LuBenassi's innate talent and authenticity came to light. His performance left the entire studio in awe, and it was this moment that laid the foundation for his career. Encouraged by Noah's unwavering support, LuBenassi embarked on a musical journey that would change his life forever, marking it with the release of his first song on Soundcloud, "SPAZZ."

Challenges and Character Growth

The initial challenges for LuBenassi were not related to music production or industry knowledge but rather to personal character development. His rapid rise to success brought its own set of challenges, including navigating relationships with individuals who sought to take advantage of his newfound fame. However, LuBenassi's strong sense of self and determination allowed him to overcome these obstacles and assert his independence. He learned the importance of distinguishing true supporters from opportunists, a lesson that continues to shape his journey.

Evolving Sound and Image

LuBenassi's music has undergone a transformative journey of its own. Experimenting with different genres and sounds, he discovered what resonated most with his fans. His venture into punk rock, particularly with the unreleased track "Best of Life," helped him better understand his musical range and his audience's preferences. Moreover, LuBenassi has been working on changing his image, moving away from the "Playboy/Loverboy Eminem" persona to something less filled with anger. His songs are a reflection of real-life experiences, often serving as a platform to express emotions he couldn't convey otherwise.

The Thrill of the Stage

Performing live on stage has always been one of LuBenassi's greatest passions. He recalls his early days when he paid $20 to perform at the Magic Mushroom, having produced only three songs at that time. The crowd's enthusiasm and positive reception confirmed his love for performing, and it marked the beginning of a successful journey in the music industry. Today, he finds inspiration for his own sets by attending shows featuring artists like Yianni and Roc Chamberlin, both of whom he deeply admires.

Exploring Musical Versatility

LuBenassi's willingness to experiment and his refusal to be confined to a single genre have been key factors in his musical evolution. He enjoys varying his cadence and vocal delivery within the same song, striving to capture raw energy and emotion. This versatility has allowed him to venture into singing, a skill he initially didn't believe he possessed. His philosophy is simple: try everything, and if it resonates with you, chances are it will resonate with others too.

The Power of Mentorship

LuBenassi acknowledges the importance of mentorship in his journey. Noah Kerr introduced him to Ounce Diamondz, a pivotal mentor who taught him the intricacies of music engineering, production, and problem-solving. Together, they created "Room 3," a studio that inadvertently sparked a new wave in Miami's music scene. This collaborative approach to success, rooted in genuine love for music, has been a defining aspect of LuBenassi's career. He believes that helping others succeed is a surefire way to achieve one's own success.

Collaborative Learning and Strategic Moves

LuBenassi's strategy for growth has been centered on collaboration and learning from those with more experience. He invited producers, singers, and engineers to his studio to exchange knowledge and create music together. His performance strategy includes seizing every opportunity to perform, gaining fans and inspiration from other artists. Beyond that, he has also embraced the role of Mr. Everything You Need, being the go-to person for various music-related needs in his community.

Confidence and Ego

Early in his career, LuBenassi's confidence soared after a successful show at the Magic Mushroom. This confidence continues to fuel his unwavering belief in his eventual success. Returning to school for music business and production, becoming the president of the Audio Club, and surpassing previous presidents in accomplishments further boosted his ego, reinforcing his conviction that he will achieve his vision of success.

Recognizing Patterns and Personal Growth

LuBenassi has learned to recognize patterns in his life. When faced with challenges or when his music isn't yielding the expected results, he transforms into "Mr. Everything You Need," helping others with their music and careers. This multifaceted approach has allowed him to diversify his skills and build a community that thrives together.

Reflecting on Personal Growth

If he could offer advice to his 21-year-old self, LuBenassi would emphasize the importance of setting boundaries and questioning everything. Learning to discern toxic relationships and focusing on self-respect would have saved him from unnecessary heartbreak and struggles. His journey has been one of self-discovery and empowerment, a testament to the resilience and determination of a rising star in the music industry.

LuBenassi's story is a testament to the power of authenticity, versatility, and the unwavering belief in one's own potential. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a reminder that success in the music industry is often forged through personal growth and genuine connections.

Instagram: @lubenassi

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