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Lil G 100's Musical Journey: Insights into the Artist's Soul

Written by Alexandria Anglade


In the realm of music, artists often serve as conduits for personal experiences, translating emotions into lyrics and melodies that resonate with listeners worldwide. Lil G 100, a rising star in the music scene, provides us with a glimpse into his musical world. Each answer unveils the inspiration, struggles, and passion that fuel his creative endeavors.

Soul-Lifting Melodies: "Hold On"

Lil G 100 's go-to song for lifting his spirits is "Hold On," a track he personally crafted during a rough period in his life. He shares that the song emanates from the depths of his heart, serving as a musical catharsis to express the myriad emotions he was experiencing. It stands as a testament to the power of music in helping artists navigate challenging times.

Resonance in Music: "Both Sides"

Recalling a profound moment, Lil G 100 points to "Both Sides." This track resonated deeply with him as it reflects his encounters with duplicitous individuals who play both sides. Music, in this instance, becomes a medium for self-reflection and a mirror to the complexities of human relationships.

Discovering New Music: A Preference for Rap-Singing with Melodies

Lil G 100's musical exploration leans towards rap-singing with diverse melodies. His criteria for a standout song involve a fusion of rhythm and lyricism, showcasing his penchant for the dynamic and versatile nature of the genre.

Influences on Perspective: The Legacy of Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke emerges as a significant influence on Lil G 100's outlook on life. The late artist's meteoric rise at a young age left an indelible mark, proving that a unique voice can alter the world. Pop Smoke's legacy serves as both inspiration and a guiding light for Lil G 100's own artistic journey.

Favorite Instrument: The Mystique of Guitars

While Lil G 100 admits he doesn't know how to play them, guitars captivate him for their ability to create diverse sounds. It reflects his appreciation for the versatility of instruments, even if he hasn't mastered their use yet.

Music and Identity: A Catalyst for Personal Growth

Lil G 100 acknowledges the transformative power of music in his life. It has not only changed his perspective but has also served as a source of strength, helping him distinguish between genuine and fake relationships. Music, for him, is a companion in the journey of personal growth.

Meaningful Lyrics: The Roar of a Lion

The lyrics "I am a lion in the jungle, you're gonna hear me roar" hold particular significance for Lil G 100. This line is a declaration of resilience and determination, a mantra that echoes his refusal to give up on his dreams.

Dream Concert: PnB Rock's Inspiring Vibes

If given the chance, Lil G 100 would attend a concert by PnB Rock. The choice is rooted in admiration for PnB Rock's ability to inspire others, coupled with a genuine appreciation for his unique musical style.

Music as Inspiration for Creativity: A Constant Motivator

For Lil G 100, music is more than just a creative outlet. It serves as a perpetual source of inspiration, motivating him to keep honing his craft and producing new, compelling sounds.

Musical Taste Reflecting Life: Therapy in Music

In the final revelation, Lil G 100 describes his music as a form of therapy. Through his art, he can authentically express the highs and lows of life, making his musical taste a genuine reflection of his personality and life experiences.


Lil G 100's responses provide an intimate look into the artist's soul, illustrating how music, in its various forms, serves as a driving force behind his creativity and personal growth. His journey exemplifies the profound impact that music can have on an individual, shaping identity, inspiring resilience, and serving as a constant companion through life's ups and downs.

Instagram: @ayolilg100

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