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King Candy's World

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hailing from Los Angeles, California King Candy is an eccentric, bombastic, loudmouth rapper.

KC wants to bring the energy, drive, punch, and brutal lyrics of metal music to mainstream hip hop radio, and introduce listeners to a world beyond their wildest musical imaginations.

In hopes of enlightening the youth, KC is determine to of combine the hip-hop/ metal industry to create a new community for music lovers.

When asked where did his infamous name came from, the following was stated...

"KC put on the windbreaker, and couldn’t get it off. So King’s an artist now."

Is there anything else that you want your listeners to know?

"KC is coming up in a big way. The Candy Team is putting together groundbreaking content for the entirety of 2023, with the intention to rewrite the candy/music scene."

Instagram: @itskingcandy

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