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Kicking it with Aaron Deshawn!

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Aaron Deshawn is an aspiring artist that blends genres together outside of creating house and dance beats.

When asked what motivates his artistry, the following was stated...

"I’ve always had a passion for music. I think what motivates me is the fact that people really can’t **** with me when I try my best. In my eyes I’m my biggest competition. Being the best is probably my biggest motivation. "

"Also I love making music people need and being able to connection to a certain emotion. I make the music I wanna hear & hopefully other people enjoy it. I just like having fun."

As of right now Aaron is currently working on Bandana Boy the Ep, a collab tape from my entire Sunset Collective, and an album titled“ The Big Blue Sky “. Bandana Boy is set to drop at the end of April.

Since summer is coming to a near, I'm sure we can expect more enthusiastic joyous moments with Aaron Deshawn in relation to his artistic craft.

Instagram: @aarondshawn

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