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Keeping up with Caliboi Crawford

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Caliboi Crawford has a story that is sure to inspire the lives of others in such a profound manner.

Songwriter, celebrity stylist, entrepreneur, and so much more... Crawford has an inact way of executing creative concepts.

"I became a celebrity stylist after being offered to become someone's protégé. As I am eternally grateful for the opportunity, these experiences have shaped me to become the influential person that I am within my own communities today."

Regardless, Crawford is also actively pursuing his career as an artist.

When asked what difficulties he has faced within the entertainment industry, the following was stated...

"As an artist, I have faced plenty obstacles such as dealing with scammers attempting to steal money from me or just individuals promising false opportunities. Nonetheless, none of these hinderances have stopped me from achieving my goals."

No matter the occasion nor difficulties, Crawford has proven his dominance and is excited to continue to pave the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Instagram: @caliboi333crawford

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