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Keeping it Real with NO3L

Written by Alexandria Anglade

New York artist NO3L is here with us today to chat it up about his Dominican heritage and much more in this latest interview. We hope that many will enjoy the following insight that we learned from him during the Q&A.

1. What obstacles have you faced as an artist?

As an artist I have faced people being disloyal and displaying acts of false promises. I've had other artists and producers steal my music and ideas.

There has been many times where I've had problems economically. But overall, I have achieved a lot of support from my fans.

2. How do you incorporate your roots into your music?

I like to create music about love, heart-break, and real life scenarios. I'm a Dominican who was born and raised in New York City where I fell in love with art and music.

I started off with hip-hop but later on began to form an intense passion with reggaeton. So, I decided to combine them both!

3. Are you working on any new music?

I'm currently working on releasing new music with artists that share the same genre of music as I do in regards to the American and Spanish artist. Fun fact, I am also the publicist for Braulio Fogón ( a veteran Dembow artist).

For those that might be aware, Dembow is a " a Dominican musical riddim that originated in Jamaica" that formed popularity around the 1980s.

4. What was it like living in New York?

Growing up in New York City was exciting and painful at the same time. From subways and buses while working multiple jobs. It taught me to be tough and stand up for myself. There was a moment where I got lost in the streets and chose the wrong friends. I even consumed substances that could have ended my life. But after storm, the sun shines.

Music became my therapy and I fell in love with being able to create and connect with people through music. It saved me from the streets of NY.

Instagram: @therealno3l

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