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J R Basquiat's 'How Kan I Not': A Journey to Authenticity

Written by Alexandria Anglade


J R Basquiat, the vibrant artist known for his authentic musical expression, takes us behind the scenes of his hit song 'How Kan I Not.' In this exclusive interview, we explore the inspiration, creation process, and deeper meaning behind the track, shedding light on the artistic evolution of J R Basquiat.

Inspiration Strikes:

The genesis of 'How Kan I Not' was a fortuitous encounter with a beat from one of Orlando's favorite producers, Tyler. J R Basquiat recalls how the beat instantly ignited his creative spirit. He held onto it for a brief moment, letting the idea simmer, but the catchy hook came to him almost immediately. His intention was simple - he wanted everyone to feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

The Creative Process Unveiled:

The creation of 'How Kan I Not' was a joyous and collaborative endeavor. J R Basquiat shared the concept with his frequent collaborator and engineer, Five Six Spins, and the creative synergy was instantaneous. A standout feature of the song is the strain in J R Basquiat's voice, adding a unique texture to the track.

The Message:

'How Kan I Not' is more than just a song; it's a message of empowerment and self-determination. It encourages listeners to pursue their heart's desires without hesitation or doubt. It's a reflection of J R Basquiat's belief that, ultimately, no one can truly stop you from pursuing what you're passionate about.

Musical Style and Arrangement:

The beat, crafted by Orlando producer Tyler, played a pivotal role in shaping the song's musical style. J R Basquiat found inspiration in the combination of trumpets and a powerful low end, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the song's message of self-assuredness.

Meaningful Lyrics:

Among the poignant lyrics in 'How Kan I Not,' one that stands out is delivered by Five Six Spins: "I feel The Spirit I can't sit still, Gun to my face I'm still saying Jesus still." This line holds deep personal meaning for J R Basquiat, serving as a reminder that even in the most challenging moments, a steadfast faith can provide solace.

The Audience's Love:

'How Kan I Not' has resonated strongly with J R Basquiat's fans and listeners. Despite being a sleeper hit, the song has received a warm reception, with many expressing their love for it. The clean version even finds a place in the background at his workplace.

Future Visuals:

While there isn't a music video or visual concept for the song yet, J R Basquiat hints at one in the near future, promising an artistic interpretation that complements the track's essence.

The Stage Awaits:

Though not yet performed live, J R Basquiat anticipates the thrill of introducing 'How Kan I Not' to the stage. The song holds immense potential to energize and connect with audiences in a live setting.

A Turning Point:

'How Kan I Not' represents a significant milestone in J R Basquiat's artistic journey. It signifies a transition toward a more liberated and authentic version of himself, breaking free from creative constraints and emerging as a true artistic force.

In 'How Kan I Not,' J R Basquiat has not only crafted a hit song but also a testament to the power of self-expression and authenticity. This track invites us all to embrace our true selves and unapologetically chase our dreams. It's a journey of musical empowerment and an ode to the artist's evolving creative spirit.

Instagram: @j.r.basquiat

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