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Introducing Bootdatrapper to the Stage

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today with we with us aspiring artist Bootdatrapper to answer a couple of questions that his fans absolutely would love to know!

1.First off, how did you get your stage name?

A: **** well growing up my pops always called me boot even when I became grown and the da trapper cuz I’m always getting to a dollar.

2. If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

A: Man I ain’t gonna lie JuiceWRLD 100 times over YNW Mellu, Adele, Polo G, lil durk, lil peep, etc.

3. What genre are you most influenced by?

A: Hip-hop, alternative, pop, and some rock music.

4. Lastly, where does your inspiration come from when you’re writing a song or in the studio?

A: To be honest with you it’s how feeling. If I'm with my ****** we lit we going for turn up. If I’m in my bag about a **** then it's heart break season.

Instagram: @bootdatrapper

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