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In the Zone with A1 Dayone

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hailing from Willimantic, Connecticut aspiring artist A1 Dayone is here with us today to describe his sound recording process and much more in this latest interview!

What inspired your latest album?

"My latest album was inspired by the brother hood of the homies. And learning who trying to snake you in this game. And I’d say just the grind of it all. Levels to this sh*t"

What does your recording process typically look like?

"I don’t write anything it’s all off the top… with that being said it’s how I like to do it. No way is wrong. As long as the beat is fire I’m ready".

How do you feel about the concept of streaming and selling units?

“I love streaming its a new age thing, it makes all of our life’s easy… and to be honest the money just is side money . But any money is better than none at all”.

The passion that ultimately comes from being dedicated to a craft comes with fine results in the end.

Despite the many hardships that aspiring artists face in the industry, your hard work will pay off in the end.

If you would like to connect more with A1 Dayone, feel free to click on the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @a1_dayone

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