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In the Clouds with Daydreamer

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Daydreamer, an upcoming artist based out of Philadelphia, is here with us today to discuss his goals as an musician.

When asked about his persona, the following was stated...

"I’m your alternative rap kid, I like rocking graphic tees, skinny jeans and I enjoy anything punk rock. I explore into the deeper world of mental health and the everyday struggles of a black kid tryna survive in a white suburbia. I dig deep into mentality and I express my emotions in a versatile manner."

Despite of his rather, ironic and quite enlightening upbringing, Daydreamer is set on being consistent with his craft. Possibilities of consistent content creation via YouTube and tours are some of the many feats that Daydreamer hopes to achieve within the next 5-10 years.

Correspondingly, we can expect Daydreamer's creative process to look something like this...

" It all starts with a whole bunch of brainstorming and manifestation. A lot of my tune ideas come from my dreams or something that was playing in my head all day. That’s kind of the reason I gave myself the artist name, Daydreamer. I’m quite the perfectionist too so I run every part of my music with expertise. "

In conclusion, Daydreamer thanks his mother as someone that continues to inspire him no matter the cost.

"My inspiration would have to be my mother. She inspired me to become the man I am today. She passed away almost two years ago but if it wasn’t for her guidance, I wouldn’t have all of these aspirations."

Instagram: @dreamerboy2k

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