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Impacting your Community with Shaolin Prince

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Everyday, social media connects us in unimaginable ways. For Shaolin Prince, reaching new heights is always the goal.

What does being a community leader mean to you?

"Being a community Leader means moving forward with conviction vs. convenience. It means making sacrifices, and choosing the needs of the community above supporting the needs of the individual. In my time with becoming a voice and a leader to the local community of Staten Island NYC, (Shaolin) I have learned that there are usually 2 types of leaders in any given field."

To be able to spread a positive message in a society where subliminal messaging is common, takes the utmost courage.

While applauding Shaolin for his bravery, we must also look at his contributions to the music industry as a whole...

How do you view the current state of music?

"I think the current state of music is beautiful, what's considered 'Mainstream Music' has hardly ever completely satisfied that mass appeal perfectly. Luckily this is 2022, and with more accessibility to the internet, more accessible to creative tools for all artists, music engineers, and producers, the state of music is a more diverse, equitable and amazing landscape than ever before!

"If music itself continues in this direction I truly believe we'll have or we already do have a new age renaissance on our hands."

As 2022, comes to an untimely close we can all hope for a better year shortly.

If you have not had the opportunity to check out Shaolin's music yet you can below!

Instagram: @shaolin_prince

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