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Highlighting Black Excellence with Valentino Hart Jr.

Written by Alexandria Anglade

I'd like to say that our children are the key to the next generation's future.

Aftercare counselor Valentino Hart Jr. is a prime example of that.

Is it hard working with kids?

"When it comes to working with kids it is never hard because I love doing it. Of course, there are difficult moments but it's all for the purpose of developing each child and teaching them the right way!"

Hailing from Tampa Florida, Valentino is of Bahamian and Uruguayan descent.

How did the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting affect you as an educator in America?

"The shooting obviously made me worried since I work with young children. I always pray for safety and try my best to always make sure I am aware of my surroundings."

As challenging as times are currently in America, it's important to understand the significance behind purpose.

We as individuals are here to inspire the next generation, whether it's a simple text checking up on your loved ones or helping your elderly neighbor carry groceries.

It's never too late to lend a helping hand. If you haven't had the opportunity yet to check out Valentino's content, I highly recommend it. You'll definitely feel a warm invisible brace that's filled with hope and joy for the future to come.

Instagram: @valentinohartjr

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