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Written by Alexandria Anglade

Houston, Texas producer Malcom is here with us today to chat about his upbringing and much more in this latest interview!

Why did you become a producer?

"I'm not too sure why I started to produce music if I'm being honest. It just came naturally since I was a kid. Chances are you'd see me doing something with rhythm whether it be dancing, beatboxing, or studying other works of rhythm such as different choreography in movies. I've always heard all types of music around me at all times so it kind of just made sense to try it out".

What is your favorite project that you have worked on thus far?

"I feel like my 'Sounds For The Lost' project has the most meaning to me. I worked on that whole thing for a bit of time before it came out. I try to invoke clarity to someone's vision and hopefully make them calm down and take a breather every time you hear one of the beats. Some tracks can even be seen as motivational. I feel like the series is only gonna get better. I took a different approach with the second one. It holds a place in my soul".

Producers often fail to realize that they are what holds the glue together for artists within the music industry.

Without a beat, artists are unable to produce lyrics for a song.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

"Prospering with music, reaching my full potential, and spreading as much help as possible to others".

If you'd like to work with Malcom on your next upcoming project, feel free to connect with him by clicking the hyperlink below!

You never know if the next producer that you're going to work with is going to get you that Grammy that you've always wanted...

Instagram: @prod.malcom

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