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Having an Honest Conversation with IV

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In times of hardship, our belief system is what can get us through adversity. For this Newark artist, his belief system is the following...

What does your belief system look like?

"As a young man, at the age of 16 I was introduced to the truth. It was up to that age that I learned if you want to know the truth then you'll have to do your own research."

"I believe in the Father/God and Son. For more of an understanding in the first language which is Hebrew."

Whether you've experienced trauma or are simply looking for a healthy coping mechanisms, your beliefs determine your reality.

What has been the hardest obstacle that you have faced as an artist?

"The hardest obstacle that I have faced is not giving up. At times I feel as if music is not the same. What I mean by that is there is a lack of a moral high ground in regards to ethics and such."

"I had to acknowledge that continuing to block out all of the noise that is happening in our current society was one of the few choices that I had to carry out my goals."

Instagram: @iv_thepoet

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