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Harmony of Memories: The Musical Journey of Baku Grxy

Written by Alexandria Anglade


Music has a profound ability to transport us to different times and places, evoking emotions that resonate with our own experiences. For artist Baku Grxy, his music, particularly the Japanese house track "cool blue," serves as a conduit to a carefree past, where life was an adventure filled with exploration and self-discovery.

Cool Blue: A Soulful Resonance:

The melody, abstract beats, and lyrical delivery of "cool blue" create a nostalgic atmosphere, bringing Baku Grxy back to the days of carefree living. The song becomes a vessel for him to revisit moments in Boston, where he commuted with headphones on, immersing himself in the changing cityscape, regardless of weather.

Discovering New Sounds:

Baku Grxy's musical journey extends beyond his own creations. He actively explores new artists and genres through platforms like SoundCloud, finding inspiration in the diverse realms of ambient, digicore, hood trap, pluggnb, and alternative music. Artists like i9bonsai, bladee, ecco2k, and chief keef have significantly influenced his perspective on life.

The Power of Piano:

While exploring various genres, Baku Grxy expresses a particular fondness for the piano. The instrument's versatility in creating different moods, from dark to positive, resonates deeply with him. The piano's powerful sound has become a cornerstone in shaping his musical identity.

Music as a Shaper of Identity:

Baku Grxy attributes much of his personal growth to music. It has become a medium for him to bring forth his emotions, forge connections with artists, and explore cultural diversity. Through music, he taps into his creative side, navigates personal challenges, and gains valuable insights into life and the world around him.

Overcoming Negativity:

A lyric by Moh Baretta – "they even hated on Jesus too, remember that" – holds a special place in Baku Grxy's heart. It serves as a reminder to ignore negativity, focusing on personal happiness and growth. The wisdom within the lyric encourages him to block out ignorant criticism and pursue a path that brings fulfillment, recognizing that others' opinions don't define his journey.

Influence of The Weeknd:

The Weeknd's "House of Balloons" tape from 2011 or 2012 stands out as a transformative period for Baku Grxy. The themes of partying, heartbreaks, and drug abuse within the tape resonated deeply with his own experiences, creating a profound connection. The desire to witness The Weeknd perform these works live underscores the impact music can have on a personal level.

Musical Inspiration for Creativity:

Music serves as a wellspring of inspiration for Baku Grxy's creative endeavors. The connection he feels with certain songs, the spiritual elevation through rhythm, and the relatability of various artists contribute to the artistic fuel that propels his creative journey forward.

Reflecting Life Through Music:

Baku Grxy's taste in music is not just a sonic preference; it reflects the intricacies of his personality and life experiences. Each song carries emotional weight, hidden messages, and nostalgic memories, shaping him into an individual who is open to new experiences and more connected to the world around him.

In conclusion, Baku Grxy's musical journey is a testament to the transformative power of music. Through the ups and downs, the genres explored, and the artists discovered, music has become an integral part of his identity, a source of inspiration, and a medium through which he navigates the complexities of life.

Instagram: @bakugrxy

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