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Growing your Roots with Jakk Denny

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Coming from Massachusetts, upcoming artist Jakk Denny grew his first roots out in Wilmington, a suburb north of Boston. Then he was involved in a city called Billerica.

What was the greatest moment in your music career so far?

"The moment I knew i had it in me. I was writing lyrics and free-styling for years before I went to my first studio. I also kept this hidden passion mostly to myself. Then one day I had to courage to convince me and my closest friend to schedule a session."

" Hours into the session I finally recorded my first song, and now it was time to play it in all its glory over the loudspeakers. The room was now full of strangers, only people familiar to me was my friend and the engineer. I was riddled with anxiety, then, he hit play."

Whether we find our spark as creators, it is important to note that it gives a sense of a euphoric feeling.

Discovering your calling for the first time is always a glorious moment to cheerish.

What motivates your artistry?

"My ability to create. I'm blessed as to having my eyes opened wide to the creative way of seeing life. The influential power of art is intoxicating for me. I have the ability to alter peoples energy by however they will interpret the arts."

"Not only to express my spirit into a tangible medium, I use it as a way to better myself and the people around me. I learn something new with every project I take on. I desire to become the greatest version of myself with each waking moment; Art is how I can do that."

Instagram: @jakkdenny

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