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Godson!: Returning to Music with a Higher Purpose

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Godson!, the accomplished musician, entrepreneur, and wearer of a distinctive mask, has made a remarkable comeback to the music scene after a decade-long hiatus. In this exclusive interview, he shares his journey, his music, and his newfound commitment to a higher purpose.

Finding Inspiration in a Higher Calling

When asked about what inspired his return to music after a 10-year hiatus, Godson! candidly shared, "I'm not really sure what my actual inspiration was, other than music is one of my gifts, and about six months ago, I felt the Lord telling me to return to what He has placed in my heart." This revelation highlights a profound shift in his approach to music – it's no longer about personal fame or monetary gain but rather about bringing glory and praise to God.

The Significance of the Mask

Many fans have been curious about Godson!'s iconic mask, which he wears during his performances. He explained, "The first reason is that I'm a bit shy being in the spotlight again. The other reason is because I don't want people seeing my 'image,' per se... I want them to see God's image through the music. It's not about me, it's about Him."

Balancing Music and Entrepreneurship

As the owner of Blynd I Premium Apparel and VP of Business Development for a staffing agency, Godson! has a lot on his plate. He manages his busy schedule with time-blocking and a to-do list while striving for excellence in all his endeavors.

Music with a Message of Faith

Godson! has incorporated themes of faith into his music since his return. One of the main messages he wants to convey is the transformative power of God. He shared, "My life has been a complete mess... God can truly transform anyone that wants a change."

Overcoming Challenges in a Changing Music Landscape

The music landscape has evolved significantly since Godson!'s earlier career. He explained, "Music sales are measured in streams, social media influence is a prerequisite, and anyone can have a studio in their bedroom. I had to catch up real quick!"

Combining Music and Entrepreneurship

Godson! recognizes that as an artist, he is a brand. He plans to cross-promote his clothing brand, Blynd I Premium Apparel, with his music, leveraging the power of both to strengthen his brand presence.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

During his journey back to music, Godson! has experienced tremendous personal and spiritual growth, emphasizing accountability and character development. His faith journey has boosted his confidence as an artist and his commitment to representing the Lord well.

Making an Impact with a Higher Purpose

Godson! has a profound vision for his music – "I want people to know that God is real. Jesus is the way and not just 'a way.' If my music can help save one soul here on earth, then it will have all paid off."

Blynd I Premium Apparel and Its Alignment with Values

Blynd I Premium Apparel is a Christian streetwear brand rooted in Matthew 5:29. The clothing glorifies God in a fashionable way, reflecting Godson!'s values and mission as an artist.

Evolving Music and New Directions

Godson! is set to explore various sub-genres of rap and hip-hop in his upcoming projects. From high-energy Christian Hip Hop to Northeast NY style hip hop and a Weeknd-inspired vibe, he's diversifying his music to reach a broader audience.

In returning to the music scene with a renewed sense of purpose, Godson! embodies the essence of transformation, faith, and artistic evolution. His story serves as an inspiration to those seeking to make a meaningful impact through their talents and gifts.

Instagram: @officialgodsonmusic

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