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Getting to Understand Yung Suavv

Written by Alexandria Anglade

How would you describe your childhood experience?

"I had a pretty rough upbringing being born in Gary, Indiana and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We had less than others but we still had our necessary to life things sometimes what we wanted as well."

Although life will always throw challenges your way, your past does not permanently describe your destiny as an individual.

Success is for those that have dreams beyond their youth.

What is one of your hottest songs out as of right now?

"It’s honestly between my song with Babyy Og Get it up and my other song Came up ft. Big Mxxse Fire track!!"

As black history month comes to an end, I ask all of you to still continue to support POC content creators. We share our experiences through music, just like Yung Suavv.

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Yung Suavv's music, you can below!

Instagram: @yungsuavvdagoat

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