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Getting to Know Made Smoove

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Being able to create music without facing backlash is a fantasy that most artists almost never get to experience.

When asked what inspired Made Smoove to become an independent artist, the following was stated...

"I just want to be able to make my own music without any type of backlash or negativity. I have my own vision when it comes to music."

"Even though it’s difficult doing everything myself in terms of recording from a phone, mixing and mastering and promoting, I use this as motivation to get where I need to be."

Facing the adversities of life as a college student, sometimes balancing a music career and student activities can be proven to be quite difficult.

"When I first came to school, I wasn’t even an artist. My initial dream was to go overseas and play ball, but that didn’t work out. That was the only reason I came to college. To give myself time and to do what I love."

" I use to enjoy my time up here, but the longer I stayed, more stress and depression weighed on me. I feel like I was put here for a reason. All this angry and stress helped me discover my true gift which was music."

Outside of attending a university, Drake is Made Smoove's ultimate influence when it comes to artistic ability and craft.

"My biggest influence in life would have to be Drake. I look up to him because he is one of the best rappers to ever live. I pattern my style and flow after him not because of how popular he is, but because everything he speaks is relatable."

Instagram: @madesmoove

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