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Getting to Know Jo Pastel

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Jo Pastel, is an upcoming artist that is here today to let his fans know more about him in this short Q&A.

What type of genre of music, would you consider yourself in?

"I consider my music as therapeutic soul music, because I like to tap into the idea that being vulnerable is a superpower. That being open about yourself only helps the next in the pursuit of their own."

Where are you from?

"I’m from South Carolina originally, but I’ve moved to Augusta, Georgia as well."

What was the inspiration behind the latest MV that you dropped Better Friends/ Mr.Solo ?

"I was describing how sometimes when you meet someone that you have a connection with, but it can only go so far as to being friend; when that’s not what neither one of you want."

"But because y’all both are in two different places in your life it can never really come to pass, so you must accept the disappointment that comes from sacrificing the best thing that never happen for the sake of the bond!"

What project are you working on now?

"Right now I’m working on a new project that is almost like a part 2, to an album I had before called 'Grateful I’m Living” I definitely know this next project is filled with honesty, and gratitude."

Where did you get Jo Pastel from?

I was actually in a history museum a couple years ago, and I seen the word Pastel written on an old shield and at the moment it came to me , haha. Jo-Pastel!

Instagram: @jopastel

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