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Getting the Best of Both Worlds with MR.KAWIRA

Written by Alexandria Anglade

If you're looking to connect with an artist that has a raw, unfiltered approach then I highly suggesting adding MR.KAWIRA to your playlist.

How do you elevate yourself with your music?

I like to treat my music as therapy so I get to look at old songs and use them as a chance to notice my growth . If you’re old sh*t not corny or cringe I feel like you aren’t growing.

"The other side of that is an appreciation for how far I’ve come . Being at peace with my abilities has been a 5 year journey to where I finally feel I truly could compete in the industry at a high level".

In addition, the Philly artist is proud to claim both sides of his heritage.

I’m from Philadelphia, Pa, but my parents are both from Tanzania in east Africa so I like to claim both.

What motivates you in life?

"My FAMILY(Ghettobabies included) . Making them and me proud of who I become. Being a North Star for them and myself. The idea of dying having not given everything. Believing I am the best and the world has to catch up to me".

Figuring out life is not an easy feat for anyone. However, each day you can create new opportunities for yourself and plan accordingly for goals that YOU can set in the future.

Instagram: @mr.kawira

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