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Getting into the Music with EazyRo

Written by Alexandria Anglade

When did you start music?

"I started writing in year 2014, I was on and off with music though, mind you, I was just a kid who didn’t know where to start or how to record my own sound and I always been a kid that wanted to learn everything on their own, so I would use my cousin's computer and my cheap mic and try to make something but wasn’t really satisfied with the results."

" I did drop a few songs only on SoundCloud around 2015 but after that I didn’t know where to go up until 2021, one of my homies that goes by the stage name of “DASH.6”, makes music and got me back into making music."

Originating from Minnesota, the Guatemalan-American artist EazyRo is here with us today to chat about his upbringing.

How did your stage name came about?

"I use to play NBA 2k a lot, where to the point that every game I got into was eazy for me. Then I went to test my skills on others games that I played and it was the same results every time , so I changed my name from Smokie6983 to IzTooEazyRo."

"After a while, I got back into making music and immediately thought about “EazyRo” as my Stage name. Only because I love the sound of it and in reality I am Eazy going, very laid back and I can sometimes make hard situation into a eazy one."

Ironically, many artists utilize video games as a way to stimulate creativity! What a way to really chop up the gears.

What are your goals for this year and on?

"My goals for this year is to network and build relationships, make banger music and collabs while being in grind mode all year and on. I promise you, my name will live forever."

Instagram: @_eazyro_

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