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Getting into the Groove with EVSYMUNEY

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Born in Los Angeles, the Californian native has a lot to say. Today we'll be interviewing upcoming artist EVSYMUNEY.

How was the recording process for the past two videos that you have dropped?

"Man, shout out to my homie Codeine Cams and Prince Dang... I told them my vision and they delivered. I honestly couldn't ask for more. We had fun with it; that's all."

As an artist, sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to figure out the business side of the music industry.

However, having that one individual that can guide you to make wise financial decisions will definitely get you in the right direction for mainstream stardom!

Why do you call yourself an artist instead of a rapper?

"I'm a musical artist... I love hip-hop and have been inspired by a lot of rappers. But, I do not believe that I'm embodied to only rap."

"I like to sing and test the limits of my creativity."

If you have yet had the opportunity to listen to EVSYMUNEY's music, you can below!

Instagram: @its2evsy

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